About Us

Over the years, CYBASTION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY has developed robust world-class cybersecurity solutions tailored to suit the needs of different businesses and public sector entities.

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We believe that cybersecurity is a must-have for an institution that stores data and clients and customers deserve the right to have their data secured.

This is why we have developed simplified and safe security practices to check and restrict cyberattacks and threats on your system. Our analytics, automated procedures, and real-time cyber security practices go a long way to providing comprehensive security in a way that enables you to have full control over your security demands.

Your security is our mission

At the CYBASTION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, we protect the security systems we create.  With the many opportunities for growth within the technology sector, we are dedicated to educating the future generation of highly skilled cybersecurity specialists in different industries all over the world.

We are dedicated to working with the community to develop new capabilities and addressing issues that touch on cyber security.

Our primary goal is to make companies and governments self-sufficient with cybersecurity skills that they can deploy in their fields of practice. Our team is passionate about creating a secured cyberspace; we hope to achieve this through dedicated research and product development. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority.


Our Team

From banks to governments to universities, the executive has experience in digitalization and cyber security in creating long lasting change for all types of industries. The executive team has a cumulative work experience of over 40 years and is comprised of Doctorate, Master’s degree holders in field related to security, training, software, etc.

We have hand-picked a team of former professors at the University of Maryland, and business leaders to expertly advise clients and drive innovation