About Us

Over the years, CYBASTION has developed a robust world class cybersecurity solution tailored to suit the needs of different organizations and nation states. We believe that cybersecurity is a must have for institution that stores data and clients and customers deserve the right to have their data secured, that is why we have developed a simplified but secured series of security practices to check and restrict cyber-attack and threats on your system. Our analytics, automated procedures and real-time cyber security practices goes a long way to provide comprehensive security in a way to enables you to have full control of your security demands.


CYBASTION believes that cybersecurity is a responsibility of all technology users that is why we have dedicated to ensuring that we do the extra mile of going beyond office meeting and plans to actually deploying techniques and practices that reflect the rudiments of Audit, Security, Operations, Management, and Software Security tasks. We are dedicated to working with the community to developing new capabilities and addressing issues that bother on cyber security


Our primary goal is to make companies and nations self-sufficient with cybersecurity skills that they can deploy in their fields of practice. Our team is passionate about creating a secured cyber space, we hope to achieve this through dedicated research and product development.  Your satisfaction is our utmost priority.

Protect your information assets from cyberthreats and assist you in solving your computer security problems.