At Cybastion, the world’s most talented system engineers, anti-cybercrime and cyber defense leaders are shaping the future of cybersecurity.

Many Cybastion employees are working from home at this time. As we closely continue to monitor the status of COVID‑19, we have opened some of our offices to employees who have chosen to return and provided proof of vaccination. In preparation for our broader return to office plans, we have rolled out flexible work times to ensure a safe return and flexibility for our Cybastion employees.



  • Cybercrime Investigator

    Benin • Full-time

    Gather evidence from digital systems that can be used in the prosecution of internet-base or cyber security criminal activities.

    A cybercrime investigator is a highly skilled and specially-trained investigator or detective. Sought after in both the private and public sectors, these investigators bring the skills needed to unravel today’s sophisticated internet crimes.

    The ability to work in a multi-jurisdictional or cross-jurisdictional environment is important. An important aspect of cybercrime is its nonlocal character. Illegal activity can occur in jurisdictions separated by vast distances.

  • Security Analyst

    Burkina Faso • Full-time

    Control file access and credentials, maintain firewalls and network updates.

    Security analysts can work across the spectrum of computer and information networks. From corporate databases to banking networks and from office networks to military intelligence, security analysts can be found anywhere that large amounts of information are being stored, shared, or used by a computer.

    The top three cybersecurity threats facing information technology networks of all scales are ransomware attacks, social engineering attacks, and the theft or compromise of sensitive information from inside an organization or company. This means that cybersecurity analysts need to be prepared to deal with a wide variety of threats and look for security issues both internally and externally.

  • Risk Manager

    Remote • Full-time

    Identify, quantify, and manage the various risks for which a company may have exposure.

    A corporate risk manager is involved in many aspects of the business. The risk manager position should always be an executive role in the organization. In some companies, risk management is elevated to the C Suite with the chief risk officer (CRO) role. Where the risk manager falls within the enterprise’s hierarchy is often an indication of the organization’s risk appetite or willingness to assume certain risks.