CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team)

CYBASTION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY provide a 24x7 Computer Security Incident Response Service to any users, company, government agency or organization. We work to minimize and control the damage resulting from incidents, provide effective guidance for response and recovery activities and work to prevent future incidents from happening.

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We optimize proactive monitoring practices

CYBASTION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY has developed tools that automate the detection and analysis of malware and innovate the handling and response time to cybercrime. We also optimize proactive monitoring practices that are aimed at developing situational awareness and increasing the flow of actionable information about vulnerabilities.

At CYBASTION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, our goal is to prepare your country or organization for the certification CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) revamping your infrastructure, personnel, and policies and finally processing the required paperwork. CERT certification gives assurance that your country’s cyberspace is adequately managed, and if there is a cyber-attack, a spontaneous response is triggered. This will boost the digital ecosystem of the country and attract investors.