Professionals or Students will have an opportunity to acquire new cybersecurity skills or enhance their cybersecurity skills in one or more cybersecurity area by attending the different tracks of our cybersecurity professional trainings. Upon successful completion of the Cybersecurity Professional Training Program an United States Academia Professional Certificate or Industry Professional Certificate will be delivered depending on the professional training track chosen.
  • In the course of this professional training, Students or Professionals will get an in-depth understanding of the key issues in cybersecurity that can immediately be applied in their work; The cybersecurity skills that can be acquired through our professional training program are but not limited to:
    • Design of new computer and information systems that are inherently secure.
    • Protection of systems on the web, mobile, and other information platforms.
    • Systems assurance through the application of mathematical logic.
    • Analysis and detection of malware, data breaches, and other cyberattacks.
    • Data mining and anomaly detection to identify suspicious cyber behavior.
    • Creating and Managing a computer security incident response team.
    • CERT Certificate in Digital Forensics.
    • Digital Forensics and Cyber Investigation.
    • Cloud Computing Architecture.

The curriculum of the school is per the USA department of education standards and students will be get a Master Degree in CYBERSECURITY

Protect your information assets from cyberthreats and assist you in solving your computer security problems.