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Cybastion will help your country or organization to build her data center.

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A data center is a space or room either within a building or isolated from other buildings where computer systems. Telecommunications, storage systems, and other associated components and are safely housed. The main components of the data center are as listed:

  • Servers and

    The main purpose of setting up a data center is to house the servers needed to support client applications and websites as well as infrastructure management

  • Network

    The extensive process of connecting various parts of a network to one another

  • Security system

    May involve physical security (safes, locks, entry cards) for access to disks and passwords, and also the techniques of cryptography and authentication

  • Monitoring systems

    Helps you measure and track your data using dashboards, alerts and reports

  • Cooling system

    These solutions run the gamut from basic fans to much more complex heat transfer technologies

  • Policies and

    CYBASTION will help your country or organization to build her Datacenter.