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We are dedicated to working with the community to develop new capabilities and addressing issues that touch on cybersecurity.

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Being able to predict both customer and market trends is vital to the survival of an enterprise. In our experience, the top five challenges facing enterprises today are:

  • Cybersecurity vulnerabilities due to outdated infrastructure & practices
  • Flexibility needed to adapt to a fast-changing market
  • Changing business model as consumer behavior & expectations change
  • Innovative ways of improving cash flow
  • Human resources – attracting and retaining talent.

At CYBASTION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, our threat intelligence and research organization tirelessly works to develop and maintain a renowned cybersecurity system that is flawless in its operation. All software and applications are stringently scrutinized to make sure that they comply with the security demands of your organization.

Software and Hardware Assurance

CYBASTION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY does the Homologation & Certification of any Software, Firmware, Web Application, and Hardware with the end goal of ensuring compliance and security.

CYBASTION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY’s lab will make sure that all developers have the resources available to build software and to integrate security features, which will test the penetration and security of any software before its deployment.

Cybersecurity Governance and Strategy

CYBASTION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY will take over the cybersecurity management of your organization by enacting policies that will establish, implement, and oversee your organization’s cybersecurity structure.

Tailor-made Cybersecurity Policies & Standards

By creating a security method, that combines technology governance and compliance, your business or government entity will gain advanced knowledge in organizational structures, communication, operational business processes, and the legal framework for cybersecurity policies. To that effect, necessary documents like Cybersecurity Strategy, Information Systems Security Plan, Cybersecurity Policies, cybersecurity standards are generated for your organization or government entity.

Security Operation Center (SOC)


CYBASTION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY uses Security Operation Centers (SOCs) to defend Enterprises against cyber-attacks. With a SOC, there is real-time monitoring of all the systems (networks, servers, endpoints, databases, applications, websites, and other systems) while our security analysts and engineers work in shifts, creating logs which are used for security incident detection. We will be responsible for monitoring and analyzing your organization’s security posture on an ongoing basis.

Securing company data and customer information are critical for every business. When you’re ready to take that protection to the next level, a SOC provides 24/7 security for your enterprise network and related assets. CYBASTION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY with its dedicated SOC specialists are here to guide you and take on the hardest task to secure your more valuable assets.

CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team)

CYBASTION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY provides a 24/7 Computer Security Incident Response Services to any users, company, government agency or organization. We work to minimize and control the damage resulting from incidents, provide effective guidance for response and recovery activities, and work to prevent future incidents from happening.


We optimize proactive monitoring practices

CYBASTION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY has developed tools that automate the detection and analysis of malware, and improve the handling and response time to cybercrime. We also optimize proactive monitoring practices that are aimed at developing situational awareness and increasing the flow of actionable information about vulnerabilities.

At CYBASTION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, our goal is to prepare your country or organization for the certification CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) revamping her infrastructure, personnel,
and policies and finally processing the required paperwork. CERT certification gives assurance that your country’s cyberspace is adequately managed, and if there is a cyber-attack, a spontaneous response is triggered. This will boost the digital ecosystem of the country and attract investors.

Big Data & Analytics Platform

Organizations are able to access more data today than ever before. However, it is of no value unless you know how to put your big data to work by deploying a complete, integrated solution, including data management, data integration, and data science. With this in place, your analytics teams can maximize the value of your enterprise data.

Whether you are a bank, telecommunication service provide or a major retail company, CYBASTION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY assists your enterprise gain significant insight into your customer’s preferences and dissatisfaction. With this information, your enterprise can understand how to tailor their products and services in order to provide its customers with exactly what they want or need.

Digital Forensic Laboratory


Geared towards helping your country or company in the most professional way to tackle cyber-crime, the Digital Forensic Laboratory offers digital forensics facilitate the investigation and recovery of Items found on electronic devices.

With the advancement of technology and ICT, physical crimes are reduced, while cyber-crimes have become more and more frequent. It is therefore of utmost importance that a nation can access and conduct digital forensic investigations in other to identify and stop these malicious individuals. With a fully equipped and well-structured computer forensic lab, shreds of evidence can be examined, and a forensic report will be produced based on findings.

Public Key Infrastructure

PKI is important because certificate-based technology helps organizations establish trusted signatures, encryption, and identity between people, systems, and things. CYBASTION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY assists government agencies in putting in place their own PKI certificate, which each of their employees should follow. You have a credible partner that will offer you a robust and durable PKI Certification Infrastructure Implementation customized to the information and financial security demands of your clients.

We optimize proactive Cyber monitoring practices

CYBASTION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY has developed tools that automate the detection and analysis of malware and offer innovative solutions to shorten response time to cybercrime. We also optimize proactive monitoring practices that are aimed at developing situational awareness and increasing the flow of actionable information about vulnerabilities.

At CYBASTION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, our goal is to prepare your country or organization for the certification CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) revamp your infrastructure, personnel, and policies and finally process the required paperwork. CERT certification gives assurance that your country’s cyberspace is adequately managed, and if there is a cyber-attack, a spontaneous response is triggered. This will stimulate the digital ecosystem of the country and attract investors.

CERT Certificate in Digital Forensics

The CERT Certificate in Digital Forensics is designed to familiarize experienced system and network computer professionals with the essential elements of digital forensics and build on their existing technical skillset. New kinds of cyberattacks are surfacing all the time, and security professionals need to stay ahead of these problems. They need to look at end-point security, as well as security for data in use and data at rest. They need to do testing and simulations to anticipate security problems before they arise. They also need to quickly do damage control on any problems that have not been anticipated.

CYBASTION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY can be the company that can keep you informed about emerging threats, critical vulnerabilities, and attack vectors you might face as an enterprise customer.

Digital Forensics and Cyber Investigation

Learn how to determine whether a digital system has been attacked or compromised, and master reliable methods to identify, preserve, analyze, and present evidence for legal prosecution, administrative proceedings and more. CYBASTION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY provides tailored training for your IT teams to polish their skills in Digital Forensic and Cyber Investigation.


As governments embark on their digital transformations to better serve their people and mission, CYBASTION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY can help by providing the expertise to successfully complete this daunting task. By digitizing processes and making organizational changes, governments can enhance services, save money, and improve citizens’ quality of life. It can be done by deploying intelligent automation tools to complement human workers. Reducing the amount of manual and repetitive work leads to higher levels of productivity and satisfaction for not only the customer but also for the overworked government employees.

Centralized Services

Mobile Payment Platform

A public payment platform is a publicly owned and managed digital saving and payment platform. Your residents and businesses would have universal access to publicly administered “digital wallets” where they can store money, access cash at ATMs, and spend and receive payments to and from others via a website or smartphone application. A robust public payment platform is a key pillar in an effort to transform and automate the financial system.

Central banks can play a key role in getting such a service in place for the banking industry as well.

e-Tax Services

In many countries, the process of paying taxes is unduly difficult. Accomplishing a task with any government entity is known to be painstakingly slow for both agency employees and the citizens they serve. It is time to automate these time-consuming tasks such as manual processing, tax forms, and identity verification to improve the services rendered to the citizens.

CYBASTION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY’s e-Tax platform benefits are as follows:

  • Creates Tax Revenue collection
  • Reduces Human errors
  • Replaces legacy system for greater productivity and flexibility
  • Scales operations during a disaster such as Covid-19
  • Improves accuracy of Tax returns

e-Visa Platform

An electronic visa or e-Visa is an official document that permits people to enter and travel within a country. The entire application and issuing of visa process are done online through an e-Visa portal.

CYBASTION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY can assist in setting up an e-Visa platform which will allow governments to do the following:

  • Provide the efficient management of visa applications
  • Reduce Human errors
  • Significantly reduce both administration costs & time
  • Significantly reduce processing costs
  • Create a new revenue-generating model


Biometrics are the analysis of unique biological and physiological characteristics with the aim of confirming a person’s identity. They are used to detect and prevent illegal entry into a country, grant and administer proper administrative documents (identity cards, Universal health cards) in order to enable verification for visa applications.

Putting in place such an infrastructure requires the involvement of many government agencies. CYBASTION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY has several years of experience in the design, implementation and support of such a platform. Contact us for more information and customer references.

E-Education (E-learning)

Now more than ever, it is critical for training institutions, and universities to keep up with high demand by fostering educational excellence and ensuring 24/7 access to educational content.

Over the past several years, there has been a significant increase in competition among institutions serving the needs of postsecondary learners. There also have been an expansion of offerings that support more innovative learning and engagement models. These new models have contributed to an increase in competition from institutions serving specialized needs for students who are seeking new competencies or certifications leading to career opportunities.

Furthermore, experts predict that more than 50% of students will attend multiple institutions to achieve their education objectives. As a result, colleges and universities are searching for ways to differentiate themselves in what they offer and how they engage with their current students, prospective students, and alumni. Ultimately, the objective of a higher education institution and what makes it successful has never changed—the long-term success of students.

CYBASTION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY will help you set up a robust technology for a modern campus that can cater to remote learning. We work with several partners who have proven records and years of experience.

Border Security & Surveillance

Protecting our borders from the illegal movement of weapons, drugs, contraband, and people, while promoting lawful entry and exit, is essential to homeland security, economic prosperity, and national sovereignty.

Border security and surveillance is a 24/7 operation that cannot afford downtime or periods of reduced readiness. Guarding against illegal immigration, smuggling, and terrorism demands reliable long-range threat detection and positive identification of potential threats all day, all night, and in all conditions.

At CYBASTION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, we will assist you with deploying a complete border security solution ranging from equipment to providing the intelligence and training required to be proactive in securing your borders & citizens.

Universal health insurance

It is a healthcare system where the government provides health care to all its legal citizens which means that they get quality basic medical care, regardless of income, employment, health condition, or other requirements.

Benefits of Universal health insurance

  • Lower overall health care costs for both citizens and healthcare providers
  • Lower administrative costs for healthcare providers
  • Standardized service, where healthcare provider are obligated to provide the same type of service to all citizens
  • Create a healthier workforce.
  • Guide Citizens to make healthier choices.

Universal health coverage (UHC) should be focused not only on preventing and treating disease and illness but also on helping to improve well-being and quality of life for all citizens.

Achieving UHC requires multiple approaches, CYBASTION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY can help you navigate the regulatory, infrastructure, and human change management requirements needed to successfully set up a Universal Health Coverage.

Small & Medium Size Businesses

SMB customers are more often neglected because of the size of their companies; however, at CYBASTION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY we understand the need to provide tailored services for the SMB market. Our services range from being the IT team of a small bank that outsources this service, to being the SOC provider to a federal agency of a country.

As an SMB company, you:

  •  Are more flexible and can adjust to market changes quickly
  •  Are closer to your customers
  •  Can make decisions fast
  •  Can communicate much more easily and quickly with not only your customers but also your employees


Being able to accomplish all banking services in the comfort of one’s home by logging into a website or application (mobile app) is of the major requirements for making clients stay with a bank. The more comfortable you make your clients, the more satisfied they will be and the longer they will stay with you.

With the new pandemic, e-Banking has become a must-have service for all banks around the world; however, there are several types of e-Banking levels. With its expertise, CYBASTION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY can provide you with the highest level of eBanks where all transactions are done on a secured, online platform (website or app).

Cyber Insurance

Cyber-Insurance is an insurance product used to protect businesses and individual users from Internet-based Risks and more generally from risks relating to information technology infrastructure and activities.

Risks of this nature are typically excluded from traditional commercial general liability policies or at least are not specifically defined in traditional insurance products.

Coverage provided by cyber-insurance policies may include first-party coverage against losses such as data destruction, extortion, theft, hacking, and denial of service attacks; liability coverage indemnifying companies for losses to others caused, for example, by errors and omissions, failure to safeguard data, or defamation; and other benefits including regular security-audit, post-incident public relations and investigative expenses, and criminal reward funds.


Because the cyber-insurance market in many countries is relatively small compared to other insurance products, its overall impact on emerging cyber threats is difficult to quantify. As the impact to people and businesses from cyber threats is also relatively broad when compared to the scope of protection provided by insurance products, insurance companies continue to develop their services.

Let’s CYBASTION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY provide you with the Cyber insurance to protect your business, reputation but also reduce your risk and liabilities.

Benefits of Cyber Insurance

CYBASTION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY goes above and beyond by offering customers another level of security. In addition to directly improving security, CYBASTION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY delivers cyber-insurance to customers which is enormously beneficial in the event of a large-scale security breach. Insurance provides a smooth funding mechanism for recovery from major losses helping businesses to return to normal and reducing the need for government assistance.

Insurance allows cyber-security risks to be distributed fairly with cost of premiums commensurate with the size of expected loss from such risks. This avoids potentially dangerous concentrations of risk while also preventing free riding. CYBASTION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY partners not only with insurance companies but also with reinsurance companies with the goal of providing complete peace of mind to our customers

Digital Forensics and Cyber Investigation

Learn how to determine whether a digital system has been attacked or compromised, and master reliable methods to identify, preserve, analyze, and present evidence for legal prosecution, administrative proceedings and more. CYBASTION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY will give you the tools you need to investigate an cyber incident.

Incident Response


Incident Response is an organized approach to addressing and managing the aftermath of a security breach or cyberattack, also known as an IT Incident, Computer Incident or Security Incident. The goal is to handle the situation in a way that limits damage and reduces recovery time and costs.

Immediate Incident Response

Ideally, incident response activities are conducted by the organization’s Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) which is usually a group that has been previously selected to include information security and general IT staff as well as C-suite level members. Unfortunately, many organizations do not have the means, the skills, or the knowledge to put together such a team.

CYBASTION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY provides your company this capability as a service.

Any incident that is not properly contained and handled can, and usually will, escalate into a bigger problem that can ultimately lead to a damaging data breach, large expense, or system collapse. Responding to an incident quickly will help an organization minimize losses, mitigate exploited vulnerabilities, restore services and processes, and reduce the risks that future incidents pose.

Be Prepared for the Unknown

Incident response enables an organization to be prepared for the unknown as well as the known and is a reliable method for identifying a security incident immediately when it occurs. Incident response also allows an organization to establish a series of best practices to stop an intrusion before it causes damage.

Incident response is a crucial component of running a business as most organizations rely on sensitive information that would be detrimental if compromised. Incidents could range from simple malware infections to unencrypted employee laptops that are put into the wrong hands to compromised login credentials and database leaks. Any of these incidents can have both short-term and long-term effects that can impact the success of the entire organization.