Public Key Infrastructure

You have a credible partner that will offer you a robust and durable PKI certification infrastructure implementation to cater to the demands of your clients on information and financial security.

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PKI Design and Implementation

PKI is important because certificate-based technology helps organizations establish trusted signatures, encryption, and identity between people, systems, and things. CYBASTION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY assists government agencies in putting in place their own PKI certificate, which each of their employees should follow. You have a credible partner that will offer you a robust and durable PKI Certification Infrastructure Implementation customized to the information and financial security demands of your clients.

A PKI is made up of the following structures

  • A Certificate Authority (CA) that stores, issues, and signs the digital certificates

  • A Registration Authority (RA) that verifies the identity of entities requesting their digital certificates to be stored at the CA

  • A Central Directory (CD) is a secure location in which to store and index keys

  • A Certificate Management System (CMS) manages things like access to stored certificates or the delivery of the certificates to be issued.

  • A Certificate Policy that states the PKI’s requirements concerning its procedures. Its purpose is to allow outsiders to analyze the PKI’s trustworthiness.