CYBASTION uses Security Operation Center (SOC) to defend organizations against cyber-attacks. With SOC there is real-time monitoring of all the systems while staff work in shifts, logging in and out of the system. This is a measure to prevent cybersecurity threats by triggering an instantaneous response to any incident on your computer.

  • With CYBASTION, the data network security and cybersecurity needs for your organization is perfectly handled through SOC services in the following ways:
    • Establishing awareness of assets  CYBASTION is well versed in the tools and technologies available, as well as the hardware and software running on the network.
    • Proactive monitoring — CYBASTION is designed to take steps to detect malicious activities before they lead to substantial harm.
    • Managing logs and responses — In the event of a breach, CYBASTION will retrace the steps in internal monitoring processes or client operation to determine the source and root cause of a threat incident.
    • Ranking alerts — In the case of irregularities, CYBASTION will rank and prioritize the severity of incidents. More aggressive intrusions like those linked to potential network vulnerabilities will receive a higher priority.
    • Adjusting defenses — Vulnerability management and increasing the awareness of threats are essential parts of preventing security breaches. CYBASTION will provide real-time surveillance of perimeter and internal network operations
    • Weekly or daily reports on the alerts, vulnerabilities, threats, and recommendations.
    • Pay as a service. Your organization doesn’t need to have the equipment and the personnel to operate this equipment, Cybastion already provides you this capability as a service.

  • The Primary Benefits of a SOC
    • Centralizing the display of assets — A real-time, holistic view of the software and processes that help run an organization makes it easy to detect problems as they occur.
    • Fostering client and employee trust — Consumers and employees alike want to know their information will be safe once they offer it to their company of choice.
    • Maximizing awareness to minimize costs —SOCs help maintain the integrity of sensitive information, saves money and assists in avoiding a significant cost in the recoveries from theft or fraud in the long run.

Protect your information assets from cyberthreats and assist you in solving your computer security problems.