Security Operation Center (SOC)

CYBASTION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY uses Security Operation Centers (SOCs) to defend Enterprises against cyber-attacks. With a SOC, there is real-time monitoring of all the systems (networks, servers, endpoints, databases, applications, websites, and other systems) while our security analysts and engineers work in shifts, creating logs which are used for security incident detection. We will be responsible for monitoring and analyzing an organization’s security posture on an ongoing basis.

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Data Network Security & Cybersecurity Needs Perfectly Handled

This is a measure to prevent cybersecurity threats by triggering an instantaneous response to any incident on your computer. With CYBASTION, the data network Security and Cybersecurity needs for your organization are perfectly handled through SOC Services.

Securing company data and customer information is critical for every business. When you’re ready to take that protection to the next level, a SOC provides 24/7 security for your enterprise network and related assets. CYBASTION with its dedicated SOC specialist is here to guide you and take on the hardest task to security your more valuable assets.

  • Establishing Awareness of Assets

    CYBASTION is well versed in the tools and technologies available, as well as the hardware and software running on the network.

  • Proactive Monitoring

    CYBASTION is designed to take steps to detect malicious activities before they lead to substantial harm.

  • Managing Logs and Responses

    In the event of a breach, CYBASTION will retrace the steps in internal monitoring processes or client operation to determine the source and root cause of a threat incident.

  • Ranking Alerts

    In the case of irregularities, CYBASTION will rank and prioritize the severity of incidents. More aggressive intrusions like those linked to potential network vulnerabilities will receive a higher priority.

  • Adjusting Defenses

    Vulnerability management and increasing the awareness of threats are essential parts of preventing security breaches. CYBASTION will provide real-time surveillance of perimeter and internal network operations. We provide weekly or daily reports on the alerts, vulnerabilities, threats and recommendations.

  • Pay as a Service

    Your organization doesn’t need to have the equipment and the personnel to operate this equipment; Cybastion already provides you this capability as a service.

The Primary Benefits Of A SOC

Centralizing the display of assets

A real-time, holistic view of the software and processes that help run an organization makes it easy to detect problems as they occur.

Fostering client and employee trust

Consumers and employees alike want to know their information will be safe once they offer it to their company of choice.

Maximizing awareness to minimize costs

SOCs help maintain the integrity of sensitive information, saves money and assists in avoiding a significant cost in the recoveries from theft or fraud in the long run.